Q:How long will my job take

A: For traditional pavers it will take 2-4 weeks for manufacturing and no more than 1 week from delivery until completion. If you choose Clay or Marble pavers, the lead time goes from 2-4 weeks to 5 days. The installation commitment is still the same.

Q: Do I need to put concrete under my pavers to keep out weeds or to keep them from shifting

A: No, the weeds are best managed by annual cleaning and sealing. This will also protect your paver material from ant infestation and sun damage. As for shifting, this is controlled by a proper subgrade material. The sub-grade material varies depending on type of usage, but done properly, it will not shift.

We actually warranty our work against for 1 year for any shifting or sinking that may come due to settling.

Q: Are marble pavers slippery?

A: No. Unlike the marble you see in a home, our material isn’t polished. It has a similar slip factor to traditional pavers or clay pavers. As with any decking material, you should always be cautious on wet surfaces.

Q: What kind of pavers are there

A: There are essentially 3 types of paver material.
1) Traditional cement pavers
2) Clay pavers
3) Marble pavers

Q: What is the best kind of pave material

A: There isn’t an easy answer to that. It depends on the usage, time you plan to be in the property, personal taste and budget.

Q: My pavers next to the pool have sunken, is this normal?

A: I wouldn’t say it’s normal, but it is common. This usually isn’t caused by improper installation techniques, but instead by the settling of sand and rock against the pool side walls. This is easily fixed and we warranty our work against this type of situation.